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We take pride in our approach. While we may not have an impressive art collect, nor will you find us on a billboard, we boast a seasoned team dedicated to offering practical advice in business, commercial, real estate, and personal law. We are a smaller, highly accessible team because we like it that way.

We thrive on variety within our specialties. Our collaborative spirit drives us, emphasizing both core expertise and unwavering integrity. We have the honor of having a majority, referral-based practice that is built upon long-term relationships with our clients and our colleagues.

We focus on what we enjoy doing, doing what we do best and on working with client we want to work with. We warmly welcome clients who resonate with our values. We embrace new technology to increase efficiency and support fair pricing. We are tenacious in our commitment to your cause, fighting hard yet fair.

We are proud to serve as your bannerman.

Relatable legal advice

Optimize your future

Clients engage with us not just for legal expertise, but for financial empowerment.  Whether it's maximizing returns in a business deal, securing fair compensation in personal injury cases, or protecting assets through estate planning, every legal service is framed as an investment in the client’s well-being.


Valuable, long-term relationships

Our fabric is woven from the threads of countless relationships that extend far beyond our office walls.  Our expansive network in diverse circles translates into a rich repository of resources and collaborative expertise that benefit our clients.


We have a long standing reputation for our superior service and our sensitivity in managing personal legal issues with discretion and clear communication. Discretion is very important to us and for that reason we will not list any of our clients’ names here.  We can tell you they are diverse and include successful companies and start-ups, passionate entrepreneurs, successful individuals, family offices, and trusts we enjoy working with.


Exceptional, targeted solutions

We are tenacious, trusted, no nonsense professionals known for our straightforward approach, consistently exceeding client expectations with hard work. Our services are defined by creativity, pragmatism, fair pricing, and the abiding appreciation of the opportunity to partner with each of our clients in solving and delivering forward thinking solutions.  Our method recognizes the interconnected  nature of modern personal and business lives.

Multidisciplinary focus

We are entrepreneurial-minded attorneys with MBAs. Our multidisciplinary backgrounds in law, entrepreneurship, real estate, finance and economics, and private client services consistently deliver innovative and holistic solutions. Our collective experience as former big law attorneys, corporate counsel, C-Suite executives, and founders of high tech start-up ventures fuel these sensible, business-oriented strategies and solutions.


Efficient, accessible

We operate efficiently by strategically investing in innovation, process enhancement, and collaborative tools to enhance the results we provide to our clients. Our clients have direct access to us during and after business hours. Through our combined nearly 50 years of experience, we have amassed a rich treasury of knowledge and expertise. We arm our clients with the most accurate, appropriate, and usable guidance to leverage their prosperity.

We are tenacious, trusted advisors

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