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Since 2004, we have excelled at providing business and select private clients with legal and advisory services that optimize financial outcomes and personal justice.


Our attorneys hold MBAs with backgrounds in law, entrepreneurship, real estate brokerage and development, and financial planning enabling us to consider our clients’ interests from a multitude of perspectives.

Discretion is important to us and for that reason we won’t disclose our clients’ names here.  We can tell you our clientele is diverse, including successful companies, dynamic start-ups, and select private clients comprised of trusts, professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and hard-working individuals whose collaboration we deeply value.


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Our services are defined by creativity, pragmatism, fair pricing, and an abiding appreciation for opportunities to partner with each of our clients to address their needs.  Working side-by-side with our clients on a variety of legal issues, we enjoy delivering customized solutions to challenging matters.


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We understand that our clients benefit most from our direct, candid and pragmatic advice – so we’ll tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear, while remaining focused on aggressively pursuing your goals and protecting your interests.


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We know our capabilities and if we don’t have the in-house expertise, we will tell you.  We can introduce you to an external expert who best suits your needs based on the network we regularly collaborate with.  We are committed to only staying involved if we add value.

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